Why Do Dogs Dig? (2022)

Dogs dig for many reasons, but the main reasons for the behavior go back long before dogs were even dogs, to their wolf ancestors. With this in mind, one can argue that digging is as much a part of being a dog as barking or sniffing.

Why Do Dogs Dig?

The number one reason your dog is digging is to catch prey. This is most common among many breeds, as this is one of the ways dogs used to find their food.

1. Seeking Prey

We know from science class that heat rises, right? So, it could be that perhaps your puppy is trying to create a cool spot for them to take a nap by digging a hole beneath the ground, in the cold and comfy dirt.

2. Beat the Heat

This reason dates back to pack mentality, back in a dog’s pack days, they would hide their food, bones, etc. so that the other dogs in the group wouldn’t find it and “steal” their new prize.

3. Hiding the Good Stuff

As we touched on earlier, dogs sometimes will dig and get under barriers, like fences. The reason behind this is that they might be trying to find more exciting locations, look for food, or even a mate that they think exists outside of your yard.

4. The Great Escape

You remember the days when you were a kid having fun in the backyard? This might have consisted of running around, making mud pies, playing tag with friends, etc.

5. Having a Grand Ol’ Time

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