Why Do Chihuahuas Shake? 6 Reasons!

Chihuahuas are cute and adorable. However, many owners wonder why do Chihuahuas shake and what’s the main reason?

To help you equip yourself in meeting the needs of your little companion, our team at would like to share some reasons why your Chihuahua might shake and what you can do to get them to prevent this behavior.

Just like humans, dogs can shiver when they feel cold. When people or animals shiver, it is a reaction to amp up the pumping of their blood to increase their body temperature.


Chihuahuas are known to be very energetic and lively dogs. Their high metabolism makes them burn calories faster. As a result, they may shake out of excitement for a variety of reasons.


With their high metabolism, they respond to emotional situations with a high amount of energy, displayed through shaking. This may also be the response to other feelings and emotions, such as anxiety or distress.


Having low blood sugar levels is also a reason why your Chihuahua may be shaking or trembling. Additional symptoms that accompany low blood sugar include drowsy or lethargy.

Low Blood Sugar

Sometimes, it can be tough getting old. As with other dog breeds, old age may bring on additional reasons for occasional tremors or shakes.


While at times Chihuahuas shake for non-serious reasons, there are other times where their shaking is an indication of a much more severe health concern.

Health Concerns

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