When Do Yorkie Ears Stand Up?

If you’re wondering when do Yorkie ears stand up, then this guide has everything covered.

There are some simple ways to help your dog’s ears stand on their own. Just remember, some Yorkies have naturally floppy ears, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Have you ever noticed some Yorkie’s ears do not stand up in the typical pointed fashion? Well, some Yorkies have floppy ears forever.

Do All Yorkie Ears Stand Up?

Therefore, if you see your dog’s ears are not standing up on their own, it does not mean there is anything wrong. This can only pose a problem if your dog is prone to ear infections or other ear issues.

Do All Yorkie Ears Stand Up?

When Yorkies are born, their ears are naturally floppy. As puppies grow, the muscles at the base of their ears develop this strength, which causes their ears to stand up.

When Will a Yorkie’s Ear Stand Up?

Some Yorkies have naturally floppy ears that will not stand up without some help. If you want your Yorkie’s ears to stand up, there are some strategies you can follow to help with the process.

What Do You Do If a Yorkie’s Ear Don’t Stand Up?

The hair can be the reason for the weight of keeping your dog’s ears down. If a simple haircut does not seem to be working, you may consider shaving your dog’s ears thoroughly.

1. Shaving

Taping your dog’s ears strengthens the muscles responsible for holding the ears up and trains the ears to stay upright.

2. Taping

You may have heard of ear cropping when researching how to make your Yorkies ears stand up. Ear cropping involves cutting part of the ear to prevent it from flopping down.

3. Notes on Ear Cropping

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