Westie vs. Scottie: Dog Breed Comparison!

Our team compared the differences between a Westie and Scottie dog breed, so you’ll be ready to distinguish the two.

This guide will compare the differences between a Westie vs. Scottie dog breed. There are many differences between these two breeds that you should know.

As their name suggests, West Highland White Terriers were first bred over 300 years ago in the Scottish Highlands. These dogs were initially bred to hunt rats and other rodents.

Westie’s Origin

Similar to Westies, Scotties or Scottish Terriers were bred in Scotland. These tiny terriers also got their start as hunting dogs.

Scottie’s Origin

Westie: Height: 11 inches (male), 10 inches (female) Weight: 15 to 20 lbs Scottie: Height: 10 inches Weight: 19 to 22 lbs (male), 18 to 21 lbs (female)


Westies are known for their snow-white coat color. It is said that these dogs were initially bred in different colors. However, Westies are now exclusively bred in white.

Westie Appearance

When it comes to Scottish Terriers, their coats can come in various colors. Scotties can be black, wheaten, and brindle in color. However, black is the most common.

Scottie Appearance

Westies are generally easier dogs to train and are recommended for first-time dog owners. These dogs are brilliant and eager to please. These traits make training a Westie easy.

Westie Training

Scotties are notoriously hard to train. This is because these dogs are independent and stubborn. However, Scotties are also intelligent dogs.

Scottie Training

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