13 Walter the Dog Memes!

Walter the Dog became famous on social media almost overnight after his original meme went viral on Twitter and spread to other social media sites.

He has hundreds of thousands of followers across multiple social media sites, making him one of the most famous dogs in the meme world. We’ve collected 13 of the most popular Walter the Dog memes.

The very first Walter the Dog Meme appeared on Walter the Dog’s Twitter account. His owner took some photos of him one day when he was looking out the window and barking.

1. The Original Walter the Dog Meme

Walter the Dog’s real name is Nelson. His meme name comes from a mashup of two memes. The original Walter the Dog meme and the Walter Clements meme were trending at the same time in late 2018.

2. The Meme That Gave Walter the Dog His Name

Walter Clements (who loves fire trucks and monster trucks) was also the inspiration for the Walter the Dog fire trucks and monster trucks meme.

3. Walter the Dog Fire Trucks and Monster Trucks Meme

There have been a few memes featuring both Walter and Doge. One chuckle-worthy version is a smashup of the original Doge image with Walter the Dog’s face, creating Walter Doge.

4. Walter the Doge Meme

Some memes are great because they’re clever. The Walter the Dog furniture meme makes an excellent point about the essence of furniture.

5. Walter the Dog Furniture Meme

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