6 Best Vizsla Breeders in Pennsylvania! (2022)

The Vizsla is a canine companion that takes loyalty very seriously. Being alone is not favored by this breed of dog. Instead, they prefer to stick close and be a constant shadow to their owners, which, in turn, has earned them the nickname of “Velcro Dog.”

Here’s what you need to know if you’re searching for Vizsla breeders in Pennsylvania.

PuppySpot is an enormous dog marketplace where you can browse for available Vizsla puppies and other similar breeds straight from your home in Pennsylvania.

1. PuppySpot’s Vizslas For Pennsylvania

Laura Bauman owns Red Oak Vizslas and believes in raising multifaceted Vizslas that can easily transition into any role required of them, whether it be hunting in the field, or showing in the competition ring.

2. Red Oak Vizslas

Legacy Vizslas have been bred since the 1980s with the distinct abilities to perform multiple duties in diverse arenas of life’s activities, whether lounging, hunting, or competing.

3. Legacy Vizslas

All puppies are handled daily, engage in enrichment activities, and are introduced to crate training. To purchase a puppy through Glade Mill, potential buyers must complete a questionnaire through their website.

4. Glade Mill Sporting & Hunting

The Vizsla Breed Standard from AKC is the list of standards that Rheingold bases its breeding program upon and by which they help educate potential families who are looking to add a Vizsla into their lives.

5. Rheingold Vizslas

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