Types of Cavapoo Colors: Tri-Color, Black, White, etc.

The Cavapoo’s cute appearance includes a soft fluffy curly coat that comes in a variety of colors such as apricot, tan, red, white, black, bi-color, and tri-color.

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The tri-color Cavapoo coat includes a mixture of apricot, tan, red, white, and black

Tri-Color Cavapoo

Cavapoos that have a bicolor coat can reveal a combination of black and white, red and white, tan and white, apricot and white, or any other two-color combination.

Bi-Color Cavapoos

Depending on the parents and the DNA a puppy can be born with an all-black coat that remains throughout their entire lifetime.

Black Cavapoos

It’s rare for a Cavapoo to be completely solid white with no other color mixed in but it is possible.

White Cavapoos

Red Cavapoo coats can be dark, solid, or light-colored. They come in a variety of hues such as red, chestnut, and strawberry blonde.

Red Cavapoos

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