Top 7 Low Energy

Hypoallergenic Dogs That Don’t Shed

Dogs make excellent pets because they are loyal, furry, cute, and love running around.

However, some of the major downsides of a dog are if they are extremely high energy which means they constantly want to run around.

In addition, dogs that shed a lot of fur will get EVERYWHERE including all over your house, all over your clothes, and inside your car.

The question becomes, “Do low energy hypoallergenic dogs that don’t shed exist?”  The answer is YES.

Since they are mixed with Poodle, Maltipoo’s are nonshedding and hypoallergenic which means they are great for dog owners who have allergies.

Terrier dog breeds are good for pet owners with dog allergies because they contain a “wire-y” type coat which keeps dandruff off their fur.

Shih Tzu’s do shed hair when you brush them but are more hypoallergenic and nonshedding compared to a majority of the other dog breeds.

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