The 9 Best Electronic Dog Doors!

Whether you have a Labrador or Chihuahua, electronic dog doors are a worthwhile long-term investment. Electronic dog doors are convenient modern-day must-haves if you’re a pet parent.

You’ll never have to clean up another potty mishap, and you can train your pup to stop scratching at the door when wanting to go out.

Unlike most “smart” gadgets, which connect to the internet, electronic dog doors are more high-tech and secure versions of standard pet doors.

Collar activated dog doors open up only to pets wearing special collars and keep wildlife and other stray animals. These dog doors are a good option if you have multiple pets and only a few are allowed outdoors

The collar-activated pet door may be more expensive but are worth it. The average cost of a collar-activated pet electronic dog door can range from $60 to a few hundred dollars.

In this review, we’ve combined electronic pet door reviews with basic pet doors with flaps to give you our 9 top picks.


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