Fox Terrier Poodle Mix

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The Fox Terrier Poodle mix, popularly known as the Foodle, is a breed produced from a cross between two parents. The breeds involved are either a Wire Fox Terrier or a Smooth Fox Terrier and a Toy Poodle.

Each Foodle may differ in size, temperament, and beauty. However, a standout feature of the Foodle is their intelligence, energy, and intuitive instincts. Hunters also use them for tracking and fishing. So if you’re looking to bring this breed into your home, here’s what you need to know!

The Fox Terrier breed originated from England, where they were initially bred in the late 1700s. It was the period when fox hunting was notorious, and hunters were in dire need of dogs that could flush out foxes from their hideouts. That’s how the Foodle got its Fox Terrier name.

The Fox Terrier, which weighs around 15 to 18 pounds and is just a little under 15 inches, has been described as a small breed with a big personality. The Foodle is a sturdy breed that has round eyes ears that bend forward are triangular.

Their coats are either wire or smooth. As mentioned earlier, you can categorize the Wire Fox Terriers and the Smooth Fox Terriers as different breeds.

The Fox Terrier is believed by many to be one of the most intelligent breeds of dog on the planet. However, only the Border Collie comes out on top. This breed is easily trained and is energetic. Also, they are versatile canines and can even play in the water.

Foodles have excellent temperaments even though they can at times be comical and mischievous. The Foodle enjoys spending time around humans and love to interact with the family every chance they get.  However, given the background of their parents as hunting dogs, there is every chance that the Foodle you adopted will have inherited a strong predatory instinct.

If you have allergies, you are probably looking to adopt a dog that will not trigger them. It begs the question; are Foodles Hypoallergenic?  Most are, but that largely depends on the parent breed of the crossed Terrier. 


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