Teacup Maltipoos for Sale: Top 8 Breeders!

If you’re searching for Teacup Maltipoos for sale, then this list should help you. The Teacup Maltipoos is an adorable designer breed with Maltese and a Teacup Poodle parents.

We know how difficult it can be to find a good breeder, so we went ahead and did the work for you. Here is a list of the 8 top breeders in the United States.

They specialize in this particular breed, so they have a wealth of knowledge about raising a puppy and ensuring a healthy dog is unrivaled in the region.

1) Petite Maltipoos of Westbury in New York

They offer expert advice on how to best take care of your new family member, especially since puppies take a lot of patience and time.

2) Canine Corral New York

They focus on small dog breeds, so they know all of the challenges and potential issues that could arise from this particularly adorable breed.

3) AA Ridgewood Kennels LLC

Specializing in a set of small breed Poodle mixes (including Maltipoos, Yorkiepoos, and Cockapoos), Sherrys Poos are proud of their happy, healthy, friendly puppies.

4) Sherrys Poos

Like many the breeders on this list, one of the reasons they are known as one of the best is how they begin to train and socialize puppies as soon as they can.

5) Vicky’s Toy Puppies

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