Teacup Australian Shepherd Information, Facts, Images!

The Australian Shepherd is a gorgeous breed. They are phenomenal in looks and intelligence. This is one of the smartest breeds around.

In this guide, we are going to focus specifically on the teacup Australian Shepherd. We will let you in on everything that you need to know about this breed.

The most noteworthy difference between the two is that the teacup Australian Shepherd is slightly smaller still. It can be confusing because names like toy, teacup, and mini are all used.

Teacup Australian Shepherd Overview

These puppies will typically grow to stand somewhere between 10-13 inches in height. They will not weigh a lot, with their maximum weight being less than 20 pounds.


This breed is known for its unique coloring. They often have that marbled coloring that is unique to the Aussie breed. It’s the same with teacups.


The teacup Australian Shepherd is very adaptable. They are agile and athletic. They also get bored easily so keep that in mind as well when you are planning schedules.


Australian Shepherds can be prone to tangles and matted hair. It will occasionally need to be trimmed up to keep it looking nice and your groomer can help with that process.

Grooming Requirements

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