Top 5 Shih Poo Rescues & Small Breed Rescues!

Some might call them designer dogs or purse dogs, but Shih Poos and other crossbreed dogs are wonderful little beings that are playful, shy, affectionate, and loyal.

If you live in the United States and are looking for the perfect Shih Poo companion then we have created an article on the best Shih Poo Rescues.

Their primary focus is on lending a helping paw to small dogs often overlooked at shelters including seniors, medical and hospice cases, and those with special needs.

Lend a Helping Paw Shih Tzu Rescue (Midwest)

Founded as a haven for the Bichon Fries and celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, this dog rescue realized a great need among homeless and neglected small dog breeds.

North Star Shih Tzu Rescue (Minnesota)

They focus on having teacup, miniature, and other compact-sized canines with big hearts from overcrowded shelters, irresponsible breeding situations, and pet owners who passed away.

Shih Tzus and Furbabies Small Dog Rescue (New York)

They also rely on the kindness of foster parents to shelter their Shih Poo rescues for at least two weeks in order to learn more about the type of forever home that would best fit each personality.

Wee Rescue (Texas)

The Shih Poo is a pleasing combination of the best characteristics of the Chinese Shih Tzu and Toy Poodle. These traits include friendliness, companionship, intelligence, and confidence.

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