The 5 Best Shiba Breeders In Michigan! (2022)

The Shiba Inu dog breed is a small to medium-sized dog and one of the Japanese native dogs initially bred as hunting dogs. Though small, the Shiba is very alert, agile, attentive, and makes an excellent companion dog.

Here is the list of Best Shiba Breeders In Michigan! (2022)

Avalon/Amaterasu-Omikami Sou strives to produce Shiba puppies in Michigan that thrive as superb family companions and show prospects and better the breed.

1. Avalon/Amaterasu-Omikami Sou

The Lakeshore Shiba Inus is a small breeding program located in Mason County, Michigan, and operated by Jasmine Mott, a trustworthy and dedicated breeder.

2. Lakeshore Shiba Inus

Classy Kennel’s breeding program is carefully planned to reflect dedication and passion according to their breeds’ club standards.

3. Classy Kennel Michigan

The Onward Acres passion and love for their animals and what they do is seen in their dedication to excellence and premium quality. Their thoughtful and deliberate breeding plans follow their breeds’ club ethical standards.

4. Onward Acres MI

Emerald breeds for health and temperament; hence their dogs are selected from the best and health tested to produce healthy pups.

5. Emerald Shiba Michigan

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