When is a Sheepadoodle Full Grown?

Knowing when your Sheepadoodle is full-grown can help you to predict your Sheepadoodle’s ultimate size.

We’ll explore what determines Sheepadoodle size, how big they get, and Sheepadoodle growth patterns to help you determine when your Sheepadoodle might be full grown.

Parents, gender, and generation can be some of the most significant size determiners for Sheepadoodles. The smaller the parents, the smaller the Sheepadoodle, and the larger the parents, the larger the Sheepadoodle.

What Determines Sheepadoodle Size?

If you buy your Sheepadoodle from a breeder that offers size estimates for their litters, you can expect a female to fall at the bottom of the size range or a male to fall at the top of the size range.


First-generation Sheepadoodles are called F1 Sheepadoodles. These Sheepadoodles are the result of breeding an OES with a Poodle. The resulting puppies are the second generation and are called F1b Sheepadoodles.


Sheepadoodles range from 13 to 27 inches tall and 10 to 100 pounds, depending on their heritage.

How Big Can Sheepadoodles Get?

Giant Sheepadoodles tend to be at the top of the Sheepadoodle size chart, reaching up to 27 inches and 90-100 pounds.

Giant Sheepadoodle Size

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