Shaving a Pomeranian: What You Should Know!

As a dog owner, you have the responsibility to groom your dog in a way that cares for their skin and can keep their natural cuteness.

Like many other dogs, Pomeranians are open to a range of different coat styles and cuts. Shaving a Pomeranian isn’t easy, so our team would like to present this guide to help you.

With their small frame, they are double-coated. As Pomeranians were initially raised to be sled dogs in cold environments, the double coat is beneficial in keeping the dog warm and well.

The Pomeranian’s Coat

This desired change in appearance is often intended to ease the maintenance and amount of grooming that the dog requires. In addition, owners may choose to shave their dogs to stop them from shedding or make it easier to care for them.

Can You Shave a Pomeranian?

However, shaving a Pomeranian is not recommended. Because of the important purpose that both the undercoat and the outer coat serve, shaving off these layers can negatively affect their overall health.

Can You Shave a Pomeranian?

Proper grooming is an essential part of caring for your dog’s overall health, wellness, and appearance. Here are some common tips for taking care of your dog’s coat.

Best Practices for Taking Care of Your Pomeranian’s Coat

When it comes to grooming, having a routine for your Pomeranian can help keep their coats smooth, hydrated, and soft. Brush their fur regularly and bathe them occasionally as well.

1. Groom Regularly

If you’re not sure about doing your dog’s coat, it may be best to find a professional groomer who can take care of your dog’s coat for you. Getting a groomer who you can trust with their coat can alleviate the stress.

2. Find a Professional Groomer

Baths should occur about every three weeks. Too infrequent, and your dog’s coat will begin to smell and stink up the house. Too often and your dog’s coat can become more fragile and brittle.

3. Bathe Them Consistently

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