The 15 Best Scared Dog Memes! (2022)

We have gathered a few memes showing frightened and surprised dogs below.

General Scared Dog Memes

This scared dog meme shows a pup who is supposedly home alone and gets large bug eyes when he hears a knock on the door. You can truly see the concern on this silly dog’s face!

Bug-Eyed Dog

Not only does this canine’s eyes look afraid, but his mouth is open wide, and he looks like he might be howling out in fear.

Pup Looks Like He’s Howling

This little pup is literally hiding under a blanket from whatever is scaring him. His eyes are wide open, and his teeth are showing. He might be about to growl at that big, scary thing! You’ll love this dog scared meme.

Hiding Under a Blanket From That Big, Scary Thing!

There are tons of hilarious memes online showing cats scaring dogs and the pups looking terrified. Check out a few below!

Dogs Scared of Cats Memes

In this funny dog scared of cat meme, there is a black cat in the background stalking a little Chihuahua and taking a slow step toward the pup. The poor Chihuahua looks very worried and concerned. These silly animals will make you giggle!

Scared Chihuahua Meme

If you’re looking for a dog scared of cat meme, then this one won’t disappoint. Here, you’ll see a large, white dog with brown ears jumping onto a big chair because four kittens surrounded him.

Four Kittens Scare a Big Dog into Jumping on a Chair 

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