Best Russian Dog Commands!

If you’re struggling to see progress in your dog’s training, and particularly if your dog has a Russian lineage.

Today, we’re going to get you started with the most common and basic dog training terms, as well as a few more advanced ones, to help you learn Russian dog commands.

Often the first command a puppy learns, “sit” is the most basic of them all, so learning how to say sit in Russian is your first step. In Russian, “sit” is spelled as СИДЕТЬ.


To say “stay” in Russian, you say “MJE-sto,” which is МЕСТО. The direct translation of this from Russian means “to place”.


The Russian term for “come” is КО МНЕ, pronounced as “ko-MNE.” Just like with “stay,” КО МНЕ doesn’t directly translate to “come.” Instead, it means “to me,” which is definitely in keeping with the command’s intention.


In some situations, your dog needs to be told when it’s appropriate to lie down instead of sit. For these situations, give the Russian command of “lee-ZHYAT” (ЛЕЖАТЬ).

Lie Down

In Russian, to tell your dog to heel, you say “RYA-dom,” or Рядом. The exact translation is “near,” which communicates to your dog that they need to be near you.


“No” in Russian is “nyet,” or нет. To be more specific and tell your dog to “leave it,” say ФУ, which is pronounced as “FUH.”

No/Leave It

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