Best Rottie Breeders in the United States! 

We’ve put together a list of the best Rottie breeders in the United States. So no matter where you live, it’s likely that you have access to a breeder who will care for your puppy responsibly until it’s time for it to join your family.

1. Silverhill Rottweilers Kenly, North Carolina. Located on 25 acres just outside Raleigh, North Carolina, is Silverhill Rottweilers, a kennel specializing in American Rotties. The team has been in business for over 30 years, and they’ve bred more than 60 dogs which have grown to be champions.

2. Prairie Valley Rottweilers Whitney, Texas. If you’re local to Texas, check our Prairie Valley Rottweilers. This breeder is located in Whitney, within an hour’s drive from Waco.

3. Scotty’s California Rottweiler Ranch Oroville, California. Scotty’s California Rottweiler Ranch is a family breeder located conveniently to Sacramento in Oroville, California. They specialize in AKC registered German Rottweilers and offer puppies and adults, teens, and stud services.

4. Flaming Phoenix Rottweiler Kennel Whitestone, New York The next Rottie breeder on our list is Flaming Phoenix Rottweiler Kennel in Whitestone, New York. This kennel specializes in AKC registered Rottweilers, and you may choose whether you wish your dog to come with full or partial registration.

5. AKC Marketplace Whether you are in the United States, you can find a Rottie puppy through the AKC marketplace. These dogs come from approved breeders all over the country, and you can reach them by breed and location.

6. Von Hobson Rottweilers Phillipsburg, New Jersey Von Hobson Rottweilers, is located in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, convenient to Pennsylvania, New York, and even Wilmington, Delaware.

7. Leroy Rottweilers The next Rottie breeder on our list is Leroy Rottweilers. This family-owned breeder is located in Texas but has vast experience delivering and shipping dogs to points all across the country.