Red French Bulldog Guide! (2022)

Let’s start with a brief overview. If you know anything about the French Bulldog breed what you can rely on is that the red or red fawn version is just like any other version.

Red French Bulldog Overview

We want to touch just slightly on the use of the term fawn. In this guide, we are referring to red Frenchies but the term red fawn is also common.

What Does "Fawn" Mean For Red Frenchies?

Let’s talk about appearance. A French Bulldog is considered to be a small dog. Red French Bulldogs (or any Frenchies for that matter) will typically grow to less than 13 inches in height.


French Bulldogs are unique dogs. They are playful and silly. They tend to be a little bit goofy. They might just be your class clown.


Despite the French Bulldog’s reputation for being goofy and silly, they are quite smart. These intelligent creatures know what’s going on.

Training & Exercise Needs

Now let’s look at the health of the red French Bulldog. They do have several health issues due to the structure of their face. They also have sensitive stomachs and sometimes digestion issues.


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