Red French Bulldog Information, Facts, Images!

The red fawn French Bulldog is the popular color of this particular category and can sometimes be challenging to find.

In this guide, we will talk more in-depth about the red or red fawn French Bulldog. We will cover all of the things, like their appearance, their temperaments, their health, and more.

Red French Bulldogs  will typically grow to less than 13 inches in height. The male can get up to 13 inches when fully grown. A male that is fully grown could potentially weigh up to 28 pounds.


They are playful and silly. They have very fun and unique personalities and they always show those to people. When they are happy, they wiggle their entire back half, rather than just a tail.


Despite the French Bulldog’s reputation for being goofy and silly, they are quite smart. They pay attention and they learn quickly. Because of this, they can typically train pretty easily.

Training & Exercise Needs

The red French Bulldog does require a lot of care. Red French Bulldogs sometimes suffer from spinal issues. It’s common for them to experience a disease called degenerative myelopathy.


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