Puppy Growls When Picked Up! How to Stop It? (2022)

First of all, let’s establish what isn’t happening. Many people believe that if a puppy growls when picked up, it’s trying to exert dominance over you. That’s not the case at all.

There are several reasons why a puppy growls when you pick them up. These are the most common.

Imagine for a moment that someone whose language you don’t speak is tickling you. You try to tell them to stop, but the message doesn’t get across. Since you are no longer enjoying being tickled, you quite understandably growl.

Setting Boundaries

Importantly, if your puppy growls when you pick it up, it’s likely they’ve already tried to express their need for space.

Other Ways Puppies Communicate Boundaries

Sometimes a well-handled puppy goes from tolerating a spontaneous cuddle to growling when picked up overnight.

Your Puppy Has Health Problems

Another answer to ‘Why does my puppy growl when I pick them up?’ is that your puppy is unused to being handled.

Your Dog is Unused to Being Picked Up

One way to stop a puppy growling when picked up is by ensuring you handle them correctly.

Stop Dog Growling When Picked Up with Correct Handling

It’s also possible that one of the reasons your puppy growls when you pick them up is because you are interrupting other inappropriate behavior, like chewing.

Don’t Pick Up Your Puppy to Redirect Other Behaviors

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