Puppy Growls When Picked Up! How to Stop It?

It can be disconcerting when a puppy growls when picked up. But what causes this behavior, and how can you stop it?

Many people believe that if a puppy growls when picked up, it’s trying to exert dominance over you. There are several reasons why a puppy growls when you pick them up. These are the most common.

Puppies are as excitable as they are small, and that means they can easily become overwhelmed by environmental stimuli. Bizarre as it sounds, that includes you picking your puppy up and snuggling them.

Setting Boundaries

The type of play that won’t hurt an adult dog can cause sprains or even broken bones in puppies, and it’s vital that when introducing them to children, you stress the importance of gentle handling.

Your Puppy Has Health Problems

Another answer to ‘Why does my puppy growl when I pick them up?’ is that your puppy is unused to being handled.

Your Dog is Unused to Being Picked Up

No. Although many vets and groomers encourage neck-scruffing behavior for dogs that growl when you pick them up, this isn’t necessary.

Should I Punish a Dog that Growls When I Pick Them Up?

The best thing you can do, confronted by your now-growling puppy, is put them down immediately. That signals that you respect their boundaries.

How to Stop Puppy Growling When Picked Up

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