PupBox vs. BarkBox: Subscription Box Guide!

Setting your dog up for a subscription box can be a lot of fun because you get innovative and unique items.

So how do you know which box to choose? PupBox and BarkBox are two popular solutions in the industry, so we’re here to compare and review them.

The contents of PupBox are age-appropriate to the dog and include a combination of things that can help with play, development, and training.

PupBox Info

PupBox is slightly more expensive than BarkBox when you compare the monthly prices and the longer subscription. You get the additional training content.

PupBox Plans & Pricing

The toys might include rope toys, interactive toys, plush toys, teething toys, and more. While they use standard toys, you can tell them that you need tougher toys.

What You’ll Get From PupBox

BarkBox is not age-specific like PupBox is. Instead, they are themed boxes that are fun and unique in their ways, and they do ask your dog’s birthday.


BarkBox is designed to be affordable and unique. It is less expensive than PupBox but remembers that it doesn’t have the extras or the training and grooming items.

BarkBox Plans & Pricing

You can change preferences and answers at any time with no change in charges, so if you have more than one dog and want to change it up, you can go in and do that.

What You’ll Get From BarkBox

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