Poodle Teddy Bear Cut Information, Facts, Images! (2022)

As a pet owner, you can choose to have complete control over your dog’s haircut. From a standard clip to an elaborate trim that requires regular grooming and brushing, the choice is yours.

Here are we will share some trimming options and other best practices for caring for your Poodle puppy.

They have only one coat, not one with two layers like some other dogs. Their hair is also quite dense and thick, especially as it curls.

What Kind of Coats Do Poodles Have?

Puppies can start getting trimmed or clipped when they are between just 11 and 16 weeks old. Their cuts can be traditional, poofy, or a mix of different styles. 

What is the Poodle Teddy Bear Cut?

The lion haircut shaves the hair off the limbs, leaving just a poof of hair at the angles. Hair on the chest, head, and stomach is left.

What Are Other Popular Haircuts For Poodles?

Especially as their falling hair gets recaught in their coats, it’s important to brush through their coats, whether short or long, regularly.

Best Practices for Dog Grooming 1. Burshing

2. Baths

Bathing your Poodle is also an essential practice for good grooming. Poodles can be bathed just about every three weeks. You can invest in a dog grooming tub to make things easier.

2. Baths