9 Best Poodle Breeders in the Midwest! (2022)

By using the following information, you will be able to find the most competent Poodle breeders in the Midwest that aren't puppy mills. Come find some reputable places to get a Poodle.

Poodle Puppies For Sale in the Midwest

Since you’re searching for Poodle breeders in the Midwest, we recommend browsing through PuppySpot’s online trusted platform. All Poodles come with a 10-year health warranty.

1. PuppySpots

Oak Hill Farm Standard Poodles delight in producing AKC Standard Poodle puppies of high quality and suitable for any household. Every one of the puppies gets fostered on a 40-acre farm.

2. Oak Hill Farm Standard Poodles – Wisconsin

Great Lakes Poodles has been recognized by Happy Doggo as one of the top ten best Poodle breeders in the United States for October the year 2021. Great Lakes Poodles’ mission is to produce pure Poodles with an excellent build, bright personalities, and an intriguing coat.

3. Great Lakes Poodles – Michigan

Poodles of the Pantheon is a promising standard Poodle breeder in the Midwest. The breeder aspires to make a positive contribution to the improvement of the breed.

4. Poodles of the Pantheon – Illinois

Gladystar Poodles specializes in breeding Standard Poodle Puppies. Each Gladystar Poodle gets registered with the American Kennel Club. Gladystar Standard Poodles have won several achievement titles in their championship pedigrees.

5. Gladystar Poodles – Wisconsin

Areas Red Standard Poodles dedicates itself to keeping the American Kennel Club’s legacy of producing healthy and happy purebred Poodle puppies. They typically come with a red color coat.

6. Areas Red Standard Poodles – Wisconsin

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