Why is my Older Dog Attacking my New Puppy? (2022)

Are you wondering why your older dog is attacking a new puppy? Knowing some of the reasons for this behavior, and taking steps to avoid them, will go a long way to establishing peace between these two pets.

Why Is My Older Dog Attacking a New Puppy?

Older dogs who were never socialized properly as puppies might begin showing aggression towards new additions to the family. Some of these older dogs simply don’t know how to behave around other canines and will try their hardest not to get dominated by them.

Poor Socialization

An older pet who was attacked by another canine will often try their best not to let it happen again. Such traumatized dogs will try their hardest not to let another dog bite or hurt them again.

Previous Attack

Some older pets will become aggressive toward new puppies simply because they were bullied by younger members in the past. A puppy attacking an older dog may be the cause of the elder dog’s tension.

My Puppy is Bullying My Older Dog

Even though you may have taken all the necessary precautions when it came to choosing a healthy breeder, there’s still a chance that the new puppy in the household isn’t completely healthy.

Puppy May Be Unhealthy

You may see your old dog and new puppy fighting and wonder if this can be typical canine behavior. This is when it’s important to look at the type of bites that each dog gives and where on the body they’re found. Each puppy has its own character which you can learn by watching its behavior around other dogs.

What Is Typical Dog Behavior?

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