Negative Reinforcement Dog Training Guide!

It involves telling your dog commands or cues, following them, then giving apt praise, pats, and a treat.

There are four general ways to train your furry friend and among them is our current focus: Negative Reinforcement.

Training your dog to sit when told to is you adding the “sit” behavior when you or someone tells them to sit, same as removing the behavior when they hear a passing car.

Introduction to Dog Training

Positive Reinforcement means you’re “adding” something to make your dog perform a particular behavior more often.

Positive and Negative Reinforcement For Dog Training

Negative Reinforcement is the opposite. You “subtract” something to strengthen the behavior. You introduce negative stimuli called an “aversive,”.

Positive and Negative Reinforcement For Dog Training

Doing something labeled “negative” to your dog may always sound like “punishment,” but in training terms, there’s a significant difference between them.

Dog Reinforcement vs Punishment

This means you want your dog to do less of a specific unwanted or harmful behavior and more of a desired good behavior.

Dog Reinforcement vs Punishment

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