20 Reasons Why My Dog is My Best Friend!

The bond between humans and dogs has existed since ancient times. Today, around 70% of households in the U.S. own at least one dog.

We’ve all heard the saying, “dogs are man’s (or woman’s!) best friend.” If you ask just about any dog owner, they’ll be inclined to agree. There are so many reasons why dogs make wonderful companions for humans.

Coming home at the end of a long day away can be depressing. Dogs give you a welcoming party every time you walk through the door, whether you were gone for one hour or eight.

1. Literally the Best Welcome Home Possible

It might seem ridiculous, but your dog gives you someone to talk to, and that’s another way they can help fight loneliness and depression.

2. They Listen to You

Dogs have no sense of shame and often very little self-awareness. That means that they have no problem being goofy and funny, no matter who is around them.

3. They’re Always Good for a Laugh

As your dog learns they can depend on you to meet their needs and love you, they’ll identify you as a member of their “pack.” It’s part of how their brains evolved to think in order to survive.

4. …Or a Snuggle

You never have to worry about your buddy dropping out of a morning workout anymore. Most dogs love to get outside and be active. They’ll never say no to going with you on your outdoor adventures.

5. They’ll Always Join You on a Walk or a Run

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