Merle Labradoodle Coat Information, Facts, Images!

Labradoodle’s intelligence and tenacity cannot be overemphasized; hence they are very obedient and easy to train.

Labradoodles come in different colors and patterns as merle can affect all coat colors. Here we'll addresses some common merle Labradoodle coat guides.

Labradoodles are associated with 3 coat types;  1. The wool coat 2. The fleece 3. The hair coat

What Are The Types of Labradoodle Coats?

The wool coat has a very compact curl resembling that of a Poodle. This coat type is non-shedding and has a little bit of a stiff texture.

Wool Coat

The fleece coat type has a very comfy and soft texture. The fleece coat type is almost non-shedding and requires regular brushing and trimming.

Fleece Coat

This coat type is common with older generation dogs; it has a very tough texture. Ordinarily, Labradoodles are non-shedding; this coat type has mild shedding, although sometimes severe.

Hair Coat

As a result of merle’s ability to affect any coat color, they come in different color patterns and patches. Your pets can come in a blue merle coat, chocolate merle coat, red merle coat, brown merle coat, and black.

Merle Labradoodle Coat Colors

The blue merle Labradoodles with their irregular black or gray patches are the most popular of them all. The lighter part of the coat varies from a very light powder blue to a very dark steel blue.

Blue Merle Labradoodles

Merle Labradoodles are not pure breeds; they are heterozygotes. They have a very complex genetic basis: they don’t have a complete dominant gene as one masks the other’s effect.

Merle Labradoodle Genetics

Merle Labradoodles are at the risk of being blind or deaf due to their complex genetic makeup. Research has shown that dogs with two types of the merle gene, like the “double merle,” are at higher risk of being deaf.

Merle Labradoodle Health Issues

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