Maltipoo vs Cockapoo – Dog Breed Comparison!

There is a significant amount of diversity between a Maltipoo vs Cockapoo in terms of their coat color, size, and personality.

While both the Maltipoo and Cockapoo have many similarities, there are some key distinctions to keep in mind. As a quick summary, here are the main differences and similarities between a Maltipoo and Cockapoo.

The Maltipoo is most known for its small size and white coat. Since the Maltipoo is one of the smallest designer dog breeds, they don’t tell well around small children who may step on them.

What is the Maltipoo?

The Cockapoo is also considered a smaller doodle breed but they are definitely more sturdy and dense than a Maltipoo. You’ll see Cockapoos come in a variety of different colors like apricot, cream, red, and multi-color.

What is the Cockapoo?

While the Maltipoo and Cockapoo share the Poodle parent in common, their size tends to be quite different. Maltipoos may have a size that’s slightly smaller than the Cockapoo due to their Maltese parent.

Which is Bigger?

If you’re looking for a family-friendly dog, either the Maltipoo or Cockapoo can be great options. They both have friendly and gentle personalities and temperaments that get along with others.


The Cockapoo has a life expectancy between 14 and 20 years while a Maltipoo has a life expectancy that ranges between 12 and 15 years.

Life Span

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