Male vs Female Goldendoodle – The Differences Explained!

There are many differences between a Goldendoodle girl and a Goldendoodle boy.  So how do you choose between a male vs female Goldendoodle?

Differences in Size A male Goldendoodle weighs more and is taller than a female Goldendoodle by around 10% of their total body weight. If you want a bigger dog, opt for a male Goldendoodle.

Behavioral Differences There is a general assumption that a female dog is more domestic, docile, and can easily be controlled, irrespective of its breed. Opt for a female Goldendoodle if you want an easier to train dog.

Reproductive Comparison As with any other creature or human being, differences exist between the reproductive organs and health of the Goldendoodle male and the Goldendoodle female.  The male Goldendoodle is vulnerable to being infected with prostate cancer. Female Goldendoodles can get uterine or breast cancer.

Male vs Female Goldendoodle: Which One is Better? Consider the gender of your existing pets. Generally speaking, female Goldendoodles are smaller in size and more easygoing than their male counterparts. Male Goldendoodles will have more energy and be larger in size.

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