25 Japanese Dog Commands To Teach Your Dog! (2022)

Depending on the dog breed you’re working with, dog training can be difficult. Some, like the Border Collie and Australian Shepherd, are naturally intelligent. That’s the case for many working dogs, as owners breed them specifically to be task-oriented and obedient.

How Does Dog Training Work?

Before you jump into teaching dog obedience commands in Japanese, you must work on consistent and correct pronunciation. If you pronounce “mate” as the English word, then later learn its actual pronunciation, it’s tough to convince your puppy to respond to the new sound.

Teaching Dog Obedience Commands in Japanese

Now that you’ve got pronunciation right, it’s time to teach! If your dog doesn’t know the basic commands yet, like sit and stay, you should prioritize those words. It’s easier to help your dog learn cool tricks if they’re sitting and focused in between repetitions.

Japanese Dog Commands

1. Stay – Mate まて (mah-tay) 2. Sit – Osuwari おすわり(oh-soo-wah-ree) 3. Come – Oide おいで (oy-deh) 4. No – Dame だめ (dah-meh) 5. Stop – Tomare 止まれ (tow-mah-reh)

Popular Japanese Dog Training Commands

6. Leave it – Hirowanaide 拾わないで (he-row-ah-ny-deh) 7. Okay, go for it! – Yoshi よし (yoh-shee) 8. Go fetch – Mottekoi もってこい (moh-teh-koy) 9. Roll over – Rōru ロール (roh-ruh) 10. Jump – Janpu ジャンプ (jah-n-puh)

Other Japanese Dog Training Commands

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