Jackador Guide (Jack Russell Labrador Mix)

The Jackador is a trending crossbred between a Jack Russell Terrier and Labrador.  These two dog breeds have significantly different lifestyles and sizes, but they make an interesting combination once crossbred.People like the Jackador because it is usually a multi-colored dog.

What is a Jackador?

A Jackador is not a purebred dog breed, but instead is a Jack Russell and Labrador mix.  These dogs often stand in small to medium build, have high energy, and are extremely loving.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jackador Breed History

The Jack Russell Terrier originated in England approximately 200 years ago and was domesticated to hunt small game animals like foxes.  This small dog has an athletic body that is extremely quick, intelligent, and determined.

They are some of the most loving, friendly, and active dogs that get medium to large size.  Labrador Retrievers can get up to 90 pounds to stand around 24+ inches tall.

Labrador Retriever

In general, we know that this dog is going to be an active breed since both the Jack Russell and Labrador are working dog breeds.  With proper exercise, these dogs are fantastic companions that are not only going to be loyal, but they are intelligent, easy to train, and loving.

Jack Russell and Labrador Mix: Temperament

It’s recommended that you exercise your Jackador at least 30 minutes to 1 hour per day as well as provide some mental stimulation such as horns for them to chew on or dog puzzles.

Jackador’s are a trending dog breed that is a mix between the Jack Russell and Labrador.  By no means is this a purebred dog, but they have some wonderful traits such as the potential to be multi-colored and the perfect small to medium size.

Conclusion for Jackador Guide (Jack Russell Labrador Mix)