Is Aquaphor Safe for Dogs?

This is a common query among dog owners. Specifically, you may have wondered about the products Aquaphor or Vaseline and whether or not you could use them on your dog.

If you have a dog, you may have noticed them with similar ailments such as dry skin or rashes and wondered if this product would have the same magical powers. So let’s dive deeper into whether or not Aquaphor is safe for dogs.

Dogs can get dry skin just like humans do. This can be caused by an allergic, parasitic, or bacterial reaction to the environment, nutrition, or season. This condition may cause dogs to scratch.

Using Aquaphor on Your Dog

Aquaphor will do a great job at soothing their itching or discomfort until you can speak with your trusted veterinarian so that they can assess the ailment and determine the best course of action.

Using Aquaphor on Your Dog

After applying Aquaphor to your dog’s affected area, they are constantly licking the product off, this is a situation that is not safe for your dog’s health.

Side Effects For Dogs Using Aquaphor

1. A bath with an oatmeal-based shampoo 2. Use a humidifier to resolve dry air in your home 3. Rubbing coconut oil on the affected area

Other Products That are Safe For Dry Skin in Dogs

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