6 Best Husky Breeders in New Jersey!

The Husky can be recognized easily by its triangular ears that are always erect, the thick double-skin coat with distinctive markings. Huskies are very affectionate family companions, especially families with kids, senior citizens, and other pets.

Here is the List of   Best Husky Breeders in New Jersey! (2022)

PuppySpot is an online marketplace filled with many available Husky puppies, which means that you can browse at the comfort of your home in New Jersey.

1. PuppySpot’s Huskies For New Jersey

Cold Mountain is dedicated to excellence, and the general well-being of their entire Huskies is on the top of their priory list. They breed premium quality Huskies with sound health and impressive looks.

2. Cold Mountain Siberians

Lovi’s Fur Babies LLC is a responsible breeder located in Franklinville, New Jersey, renowned for breeding and raising premium quality Siberian Husky. They have been breeding the Siberian Husky for a while now.

3. Lovi’s Fur Babies LLC

Husky House is a renowned rescue home for Huskies, Husky mixes, and other dog breeds in Matawan, New Jersey. Husky House is dedicated to the shelter, rescue, adoption, and care of abandoned, unwanted, and stray animals in New Jersey.

4. Husky House

Rambling Creek is a renowned and dedicated breeder of the German Shepherd and Siberian Husky dogs in Roebling, New Jersey. Rambling Creek has been breeding the Husky since 2007, and their year of experience is seen in their intentional breeding program.

5. Rambling Creek