How to Keep Dogs Cool Outside – 5 Ways! (2021)

Whether you live in a warm climate all year round or you just have warm summers, it is important to plan for your dog’s safety. Providing your dog with cooling methods is essential to reducing the risks of dehydration and heatstroke.

Tip#1: Limit your dog's exercise! This is the easiest way to keep your dog cool outside. Tip#2: Provide your dog with ample amounts of drinking water. You should always ensure your dog has a full bowl of water available. Feel free to add ice cubes to your dog’s water to keep it nice and cool. 

Tip#3: It is essential to brush your dog regularly, especially if it spends lots of time outside in the heat. Without brushing, your dog can become matted, causing heat to become trapped. Click to read additional tips!

A hot dog is at risk for severe illnesses such as heatstroke and dehydration. Both of these illnesses can be life-threatening. Even with these precautions, your dog can still overheat, so you should always be vigilant and take your dog indoors when it becomes too hot outside.

Unlike humans, dogs have a naturally high body temperature running between 99-102.5F degrees. Their threshold for heatstroke is higher than a human’s. Anything above 103F degrees is considered a fever, while anything above 106 degrees can be fatal.

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