How To Get Your Uncooperative Dog To Take a Pill! (2022)

You might understand the struggle of trying to get your puppy companion to take a pill. Whether it’s flea protection or a medication they need, or any other circumstance, you’ve probably witnessed your stubborn pooch turn up their nose, refuse to open their mouth or even spit out the pill.

This may be the most obvious idea for getting your dog to take a pill, and probably the first step for most owners. You can also try a pill pouch or some peanut butter.

Put The Pill in a Meal

If you’ve heard of Pavlov’s Conditioning, this theory will make complete sense. Basically, you open the pill bottle in a separate room and feed them the pill in another room.

Open the Pill Bottle Secretly

This method seems silly, we know, but think about it! Your dog has a sense of smell that is around 10,000 times better than yours. Try washing your hands before giving your dog the pill.

Wash Your Hands

With all of the fresh air, sights, sounds, and other dogs to keep them occupied, their minds aren’t even thinking about that pill!

Work it into a Walk

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