How to Cut Your Yorkies Hair at Home!

1. Wash their hair 2. Let hair dry completely (or use a blowdryer) 3. Brush 4. Use clippers on body 5. Don’t forget feet and potty areas 6. Complete the face 7. Brush again

Steps to Cut a Yorkie’s Hair at Home

Before you give your dog a haircut or trim, it’s important to wash their hair. Dog shampoo or baby shampoo works great. Wet their hair, then lather the shampoo, and scrub it in. Rinse the shampoo and towel dry.

Wash the Yorkie’s Hair

Make sure to brush out the dog’s hair before you cut it. The clippers will grip the hair more and won’t get caught in mats. There are a lot of different brushes for dogs. We recommend using a slicker brush for a Yorkie.

Brush Out the Hair Before Grooming Dog At Home

When using clippers on a Yorkie’s hair, start at their neck and work your way down. Keep the clipper moving in the same direction that the hair is growing. The clippers need to be moving at all times. The hair will be choppy if you pause or stop.

Use the Clippers

The legs and feet are as important as the body. There are many different types of haircuts. We recommend keeping it simple. Do this by cutting the legs and feet the same length as the body.

Don’t Forget the Feet

First, comb your dog’s hair, then cut off any excess hair around the outside of their ears using scissors. Next, use the clippers to cut their hair around the neck.

How to Cut the Hair on the Yorkie’s Head

While cutting your Yorkie’s hair, be careful not to pull too hard on any hairs. Yorkies have delicate skin. If you pull too roughly on their hair, it can cause redness, irritation, or cuts.

Extra Grooming Tips

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