How Long Do Whippets Live?

With a tail wag and big, innocent eyes, they fill our hearts. Whippets are certainly no exception. Like most dogs, Whippets are sweethearts.

Here we will discuss the life expectancy of Whippets first and follow up with common health conditions and tips to keep your Whippet healthy throughout its long life.

The average Whippet lifespan is 12 to 15 years. Because they weigh about 26 to 34 pounds, they are classified as medium dogs.

Whippet Life Expectancy

Three significant aspects will factor into Whippet’s life expectancy:  1. genetics 2. Fatal injuries 3. Disease.

Contributing Factors For a Whippet’s Lifespan

If you plan to adopt a Whippet soon, learn as much about its parents as possible. Watch them, analyze whether they seem strong and healthy, and ask about any current or prior health conditions.

1. Genetics

Injuries are the second highest cause of premature death for Whippets. Because Whippets are natural hunters and sprinters, they often take off without much direction.

2. Injury

Whippets are generally considered healthy dogs, you should be aware of certain health conditions. First, of course, you should always consult with a vet if your dog shows any disturbing symptoms.

Health Concerns

Mitral valve disease is relatively common and can decrease Whippet life expectancy. This occurs when the mitral valve (between the two left chambers of the heart) is too weak.

1. Heart Conditions

Eye problems are also quite common among Whippets. The most common is progressive retinal atrophy, which affects your Whippet’s retina.

2. Eye Conditions

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