6 Best Great Dane Breeders in the United States! (2021)

Many words can describe the majestic and regal nature of the Great Dane. Rambo, Apollo of Dogs, Sumo, and Legend are a few of those words that illustrate the Great Dane’s personality in one way or another. In the 16th century, the Great Danes were considered to be the biggest and most handsome breed.

If you’re trying to find the best Great Dane breeders in the United States, then this guide will make things easier for you.

First on the list of Great Dane breeders in the United States is “Creek Danes.” Creek Danes is the home of All Time Winning Blue Great Dane in American History. The founders, Kenny and David, fell in love with the breed in 2001 when they bought their first Great Dane.

1. Creek Danes

Ellenni Danes is the brainchild of Brittany Cipriotti. Brittany has been involved with the Great Dane for a long time. She fell in love with the Boston color and set her heart on showing this color in the show ring.

2. Ellenni Danes

Michael and Shalein are the owners of Cheshire Great Danes. Shalein got her first Great Dane, Cleo, who had a beautiful black color in 1984. Cleo went on to win an all-time high score in obedience and multiple High in Trials (HIT).

3. Cheshire Great Danes

Rainmaster Danes is owned and run by long-time Dane lover Jan. For the past 20 years, Jane has had great success in breeding and showing Great Danes across the US. Today, Jan specializes in breeding and showing black and blue Great Danes.

4. Rainmaster Danes

Goerge and Bev established Danemark Danes in 1967. Karen and Bernie, the current owners, met Bev and George in 1989 when they purchased their first two show-Danes. The couple bred under the name “Diamond Danes Kennel” for 16 years.

5. Danemark Danes

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