The 5 Best Great Dane Breeders in Michigan! (2022)

The Great Dane is a dog breed from Germany, also known as the German Mastiff or Deutsche Dog. These dogs are a large breed with males averaging 30 to 34 inches in height and are fondly known as gentle giants.

Here is the list of Best Great Dane Breeders in Michigan! (2022)

“Dave’s” Great Dane Puppies is a breeder who specializes in breeding Great Danes. They’ve raised Great Danes that have excelled in show rings and are ideal for whelping boxes.

1. Great Dane Puppies Michigan

Healthy Great Danes are run by a small family who’ve been breeding AKC Great Danes since 2008 for pets and shows. They breed the Danes on their farm that reflects a household environment.

2. Healthy Great Danes MI

A team of pet enthusiasts runs Pawrade. Having connected over 4,000,000 families with a puppy of their choice for the past 15 years. They sell almost all dog breeds and are a reputable source to get your Great Dane.

3. Pawrade

Breed Pulse is a small family that specializes in breeding Great Danes puppies in Michigan. They’ve dedicated themselves to raising good-tempered, well-mannered Danes for future owners.

4. Breed Pulse Michigan

Royal Danes is a family-run business in Michigan. They’ve been breeding Great Danes for over 11 years and live together with them. Their puppies are well socialized as family and friends always surround them.

5. Royal Danes