Goldendoodle Breed Information, Facts, Images!

Within the past several decades, the popularity of this Poodle mix increased and gained considerable interest worldwide.

If you’re planning to introduce an additional family member to your household, then the Goldendoodle breed is definitely on top of the list of Doodle breeds.

There are different types of Goldendoodle sizes. Each Goldendoodle size has different characteristics and with more or fewer responsibilities. These three sizes are Mini, Medium, and Standard. Regardless, these Goldendoodles carry the same temperament.


The combination of the Golden Retriever and Poodle led to the creation of the Goldendoodle. Today, the Goldendoodle is widely popular with many interests worldwide due to its intelligence, kind nature, and gorgeous coat.


If the Golden Retriever’s gene is more dominant, then the Goldendoodle will likely turn out to be more friendly, affectionate, active, and have a less curly coat.

Generation Information

There are small, mini, and standard Goldendoodles to keep in mind. Even if they’re of different sizes, the traits and intelligence remain the same.

Size Information

The perception of Goldendoodles is that they’re the perfect family dog. Goldendoodles have the ideal temperament for living around families and loving homes.

Temperament & Personality

A reminder that not all Goldendoodles are the same. When you’re feeding your companion, what you feed it depends on its size and age. Depending on a Goldendoodle’s activity level, they can burn between 1,200 to 1,600 calories daily.


A rule of thumb when grooming your Goldendoodle is to avoid bathing it twice a month. Once per month is fine. When you wash your Goldendoodle too often, it can result in drier skin and itching.


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