German Shepherd Cattle Dog Mix Guide! (2022)

A German Shepherd Cattle dog mix is just one of those great selections, and they can be bred in a variety of different ways since Australian Cattle Dogs have a lot of unique colors and features.

As the name might suggest, this breed comes from pairing a German Shepherd and an Australian Cattle Dog. The pair creates a unique mixed breed that is protective, ready to work hard, alert, and very brave.

Grooming These dogs are considered to be low maintenance when it comes to grooming. You will want to regularly brush them to help shed and keep their coats moisturized.

Temperament Temperament often comes from the dog’s parents, but you can also understand a bit of the temperament of each breed and have a general idea of what to expect. Here’s what you will find.

Activity & Exercise You will want to be sure to devote time and space to allow these dogs to fulfill their activity needs. Of course, they like to cuddle and chill at times, but they are very active by nature.

Health Since this is an active breed, they require a decent amount of food to sustain their activity. You also may want a lot of protein for them that energy too. These dogs typically live to be anywhere from 11-14 years old.

Does a German Shepherd Cattle Dog Mix Make a Good Pet? This breed absolutely can make a good pet if you are willing to spend the time working with them. They need to be socialized with children from a young age to understand that they are children.