German Dog Commands – A Complete Guide!

Dogs have a limited vocabulary, and some people find that dogs are more responsive to words they only associate with them.

The Germans put time and effort into training dogs for everything from war to police work, there’s a wealth of German dog commands to draw on.

A dog, hearing these invitations, might also sit. But if you don’t reinforce the behavior, they get discouraged and stop responding. That’s where German words come in.

German Words for Dog Training

The German dog command for ‘sit’ is an easy one. It translates to ‘setzen.’ Alternatively, the shortened ‘sitz’ is also acceptable here.

Sit in German for Dogs

The German dog command for ‘heel’ is fuss. When pronouncing this dog command, turn the U into an oo sound.

German Command for Heel

So, when we wanted the dog to come, the word we used was simple. We said komm, which is German for come.

German Dog Command for Come

Stand in German is bleib. Remember, as with other German words, the second vowel is the one you pronounce. So, bleibe rhymes with ‘gibe,’ not ‘glib.’

German Training Word for Stay

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