8 Funny Dog Breeds That Will Make Your Day!

Are you wondering what these funny dog breeds are? There are plenty to choose from when it comes to funny dog breeds.

There are two categories that these dogs fall into. They are either funny-looking, or they have funny personalities. Most of the dogs on our list are lucky enough to fall into both categories.

French Bulldogs have vast mouths that naturally form a smile when happy. This mischievous grin adds to the French Bulldog’s comical demeanor.

1. French Bulldog

Daschunds are dog breeds on our list who have the perfect combination of funny personalities and funny looks. These dogs were initially bred to hunt badgers, rabbits, and foxes.

2. Daschund

A Brussels Griffon is extremely easy as they have some of the most distinctive features of any dog breed. These dogs have a notoriously severe-looking faces.

3. Brussels Griffon

These dogs have an unmistakable egg-shaped head that makes them both adorable and a little bit funny. Bull Terriers were initially bred to be fighting dogs.

4. Bull Terrier

Pugs are known for their silly personalities and quirky appearances. Pugs are an ancient breed with their roots reaching back to 400 BC.

5. Pug

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