100+ Best Dope Dog Names! (2022)

SativaMary JaneFlowerLinaMarleyRastaMaeGaia

Dope Girl Names For Dogs

RihannaLady GagaMiley (Cyrus) – Janis (Joplin) – Kristen (Stewart) – Grande (after Arianna Grande) – Swift (After Taylor Swift) – Emma (After Emma Watson)

Dope Celebrity Girl Names For Dogs


Dope Boy Names For Dogs

Shaggy: Name your pet after the unofficial stoner of Scooby-Doo. – Lucas: For the pooch that illuminates your life. – Pinene: Choose this name for your calm, quiet dog. – Kaif: Happy and exuberant, this name is ideal for your dog.

Dope Celebrity Boy Names For Dogs

Ashes: Choose this name for the red-hot dog in your life. – Blaster: For the snap, crackle, and pop kind of dog. – Blaze: Your dog’s name will be the hot topic of the times. – Bud: From the sports dog to yours, this name is perfect for them.

Dog Names For Cannabis Lovers

Asparagus: This name can either be vegetable or cannabis-themed. – Beatnik: If your pet is a jazz lover, this name’s sure to fit them. – Bogart: If you are a joint hoarder. – Cherry: Choose this name if your dog is tiny. – Dagga: A term for cannabis.

Discreet Stoner Names For Your Dog

Picking out a name for your dog is sometimes daunting. However, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun, too! By reading this guide, we hope you have an idea of what dope dog names to pick.

Which Dope Dog Names Will You Pick?

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