What Should I Do If My Dog’s Ears Are Cold?

Pet’s having cold ears can be due to many reasons, especially when other parts of their body are warm.

Your dog’s frosty ears might be due to cold or a pointer to undetected health issues. Here are some common reasons why your dog’s ears are unusually cold and what you should do about it.

Your pet might just be reacting to cold weather due to the lack of blood circulation to the ears. Also, cold weather affects dogs with short coats and small bodyweight

1. Weather

When your dog is exposed to frigid weather for too long, this might cause frostbite in their ears. Also, dogs with short coats or not used to cold weather may get frostbite on their ears.

2. Frostbite

When there is a high influx of colds, prevent your dog from going to where they can easily contract the cold virus.

3.  Cold

Issues with your dog’s cardiovascular system can affect the proper blood flow throughout the body. It can also be due to poor circulatory conditions caused by anemia.

4. Health Issues

Cold ears in dogs can be a result of the cold weather. There is no cause for alarm as they can be bundled up to keep the ears warm again.

Conclusion For “What Should I Do If My Dog’s Ears Are Cold”

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