Best Dog-Friendly Coffee Shops!

You don’t want to bring your dog home first, but you are unsure whether you can bring your dog along with you to the coffee shop.

Well, good news! Many coffee shops allow dogs to accompany their owners for a nice cup of coffee. Here you will find some of the best dog-friendly coffee shops around.

Although policy states dogs are not permitted directly inside Starbucks cafes, they are more than welcome to sit on the patio with you as you enjoy your coffee.

1. Starbucks – Worldwide

They welcome all dogs in the cafe while providing their humans with a menu of coffees, teas, and baked goods. Your dog can sit with you while you drink your coffee.

2. Cafe Bark – New York, New York

Muddy Paw Coffee prides itself on being “paw-friendly, pet friendly, and people-friendly,” so your dog is always welcome.

3. Muddy Paw Coffee – Los Angeles, California

This coffee shop is a favorite of dog owners who bring their pups to the Hound Hangout area of the cafe to enjoy their coffee and hang out with other dog lovers.

4. Bark! Espresso – Seattle, Washington

At Mugs Coffee, you have the choice of enjoying your coffee with your dog at one of their outdoor tables or bringing your dog inside with you.

5. Mugs Coffee – Charlotte, North Carolina

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