9 Best Dog Daycares in Boston! (2022)

A dog’s life nowadays doesn’t seem so bad. We try to provide our dogs with a life of ease and fun. But, unfortunately, that’s not the kind of life most of us lead.

Here is a collection of some of the best dog daycare facilities in the Boston area.

They’ll pick up your dog even after you’ve already sped away toward work. Instead, they’ll be taken to a comfortable place with friends and three fenced acres of space to play and explore.

1. Boston Dog Lodge

“We care for what you love most.” That’s the motto of Tails, a family-owned and operated dog daycare that revolves around you and your pet.

2. Tails

RiverDog insists on providing a safe, clean and caring environment for your furbaby. All four locations are climate controlled, and the Peabody, Melrose, and Malden locations have yards for outdoor play.

3. RiverDog Daycare

Since 2009, Beantown Bed & Biscuit has offered the only full-service dog daycare, boarding, and grooming center in Brookline. Another point in their favor is that they have a veterinary clinic on-site.

4. Beantown Bed & Biscuit

They promise to provide lots of play, socialization, and exercise while your dog is with them so that your pooch is pooped for a nice, relaxing evening with you.

5. The Pooped Pooch